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About us

Vlahia is a story that gives birth to other stories, which is always rewritten by the people that find it, understand and love it. It is said and sung, tasted and touched. 
Vlahia is a story where you can rediscover or re-remember yourself. And if you are blessed with the understanding of the unspoken words, surely you’ll leave Vlahia with the feeling that you belong to a new family and with the desire to comeback to find a new meaning.
To relive it.

Vlahia restaurant

We are a restaurant where the old grandma’s recipes are found in a modern presentation, fine-dinning. For us, it matters that the ingredients are natural, the preparation should be as healthy as possible, going as much as it is possible for the “farm on the table” principle (all from our garden and our farm). We’re cooking by following the most modern techniques like sous-vide or slow cooking, in order to offer not only tasty food, but healthy (everything is done in house, without preservatives, additives or flavor enhancers). Everything is served with professionalism in a romantic atmosphere, which remembers us about the old times.

Good taste, with refinement!

Vlahia Inn galleries

The most beautiful memories aren’t those made
by the photo camera, but those kept in the heart.


Rural tourism in Moeciu de Sus

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For sure Vlahia is a story. It has been born from the longing for childhood, remembering the grandparent’s old house shrouded in warm and tender tastes, with heavy wooden furniture, sweetened by delicate lacework and patinated silverware. It was fed by a passion for everything beautiful, for the details that complicate the perception of the immediate universe through simplicity, mixing the feelings, generating the paradox… And this exact deconcentration makes the Vlahia story so incredible, especially that its existence space belongs to a hindered nation through the history, with an ambitioned nature more about “the beauty of the neighbor’s goat” – a well known Romanian saying – instead about promoting its own values.



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